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Hunting in Russia

The nature of this area is rich and diverse. Many lakes, amazingly beautiful pine forests and relic oak groves.  On the territory of the district there are 18 natural monuments: Markov Kamen, Merry Uval, rocks on the river. Iset in the village of Cherdantsevo, the Rodonit mine, the Abramovsky open pit, Talkov Kamen, Sysert pine pine forest and others.

 Hunting animals: Siberian roe deer, wild boar, elk, bear, white hare, lynx, fox. (lat. Capreólus pygárgus, Sus scrofa, Alces alces, Ursus arctos, Lepus timidus, Lynx lynx,Vulpes)


Birds: capercaillie, black grouse, hazel grouse, woodcock, ducks. (lat.Tetrao urogallus, Lyrurus tetrix, Bonasa bonasia, Scolopax rusticola, Anas platyrhynchos)



Airport: Koltsovo.

Area: Yekaterinburg & Sysert.


Daily Rate: 350€ per day.

Non-Hunter: 200€ per day.


Included: Full board accommodation, hunting organization, hunting permit, hunting dogs, transportation to and from airport, transportation to hunting area, first trophy preparation, professional hunter with equipment, meet and greet at koltsovo airport.


Not Included: Flights, personal expense, cites on bear/wolf, taxidermy and trophy shipment, rifle hire, excursion and trophy fee.


Trophy Fee:



Season: August 1 to October 1.

Up to 120cm Price 1.500€.

120cm to 150cm Price 2.000€.

150cm to 180cm Price 2.500€.

Over 180cm Price 3.000€.


-Siberian Roe:

Season: August 25 to September 25 / 1 October to December 31.

Price 1.500€ Over 900gr (No size Limit).


-Elk Male:

Season: October 1 to December 31.

Price 1.800€ (No size Limit).


-Wild boar:

Season: August 15 to February 28.

Price 1.200€ (No size Limit).

-Trophy you can Add to each package:

Wolf From October to Feb Price 750€

Lynx From November to Feb Price 900€


-Bird Hunt:

Capercaillie From September to December 300€

Black Grouse From September to December 100€

Grouse From September to December 20€

Kamchatka & Magadan

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