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Hunting in New Zealand

We pride ourselves on providing a thrilling and challenging hunt, we offer quality trophies with exceptional mass and character, our hunting lodge offers first class accommodation and airstrip on our front door! All meals prepared by our local chef; we are located 20 minutes from Christchurch Airport!


New Zealand

Special Packages US$ Hunting 1:1

Season: February through August.


The Mighty Red 360 to 380 class Red Stag, four nights’ accommodation and five days guiding included in packages. Price 8.900.

Red Stag Upgrade Fees: *This is the price to upgrade from your original Stag hunt*

380 up to 400 SCI 4.000

400 up to 420 SCI 6.500

420 up to 430 SCI 8.500

430 up to 450 SCI 12.500

450 up to 480 SCI 16.500

480 up to 500 SCI 21.000


Red Stag & Tahr Combo 360 to 380 Class Red Stag and our New Zealand Bull Tahr. Four nights’ accommodation and five days guiding. Price 10.900.


Alpine Duo Already shot a Red Stag? Why not try our pure alpine hunt for Tahr and Chamois. Get ready for the breath-taking views. Four night’s accommodation, five days guiding.  Price 9.500.


Triple Threat 360 to 380 class Red Stag, Bull Tahr and Chamois this is the ultimate New Zealand hunting experience. Four night’s accommodation, five days guiding.  Price 14.900.


Lock & Load 360 to 380 class Red Stag and Fallow Buck. Four nights’ accommodation and five days guiding included. Price 11.900.


Trophy Hunters  360 to 380 class Red Stag, Bull Tahr, Fallow Buck, Chamois. Six nights and seven days luxury accommodation. Price 16.800.


Small Game Trophy Fees:

Ram 1,500.

Wild Goats 950.

Wild Boar 1,300.

Wallaby Hunting (1 Hunter) 700 Per Day.

Wild Turkey 500.

Pest Control (Rabbits / Possums) 450 Per Night.


Additional Days Guide Fees:

1X1 600 Per Day.

2X1 450 Per Day.

Non-Hunter 250 Per Day.


What’s Included in our Daily rate or Packages?


• Pick/drop offs from Christchurch Airport.

• Hunting Lodge Accommodation.

• Day Rates.

• Professional Guide Fees.

• Use of hunting firearms.

• In field preparation of trophies.

• All meals and beverages provided.

• Trophies drop offs to taxidermist.

• 4x4 Transport.

• All taxes.

• Trophy Fees for selected package.



Not Included:


• Hard Liquor.

• Helicopter Fees .

• Extra days or animals.

• Trophy shipment or taxidermy.


Helicopters aren’t necessarily needed it’s up to the hunter’s capability and fitness level. All our hunting is fair chase and free range.

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