Hunting in Macedonia

Macedonia, country of the south-central balkans. Has borders with: albania, bulgaria, greece, kosovo and Serbia, the capital is skopje.

Hunting area stogovo is located in northwestern part of macedonia on total surface of 27.000 ha.

Hunting area nidze is located in south-western part of macedonia. The total area is 22.000 ha.

Fallow deer, red deer, sika deer, barbary sheep, wild boar, mouflon, Himalayan tahr, four horn sheep, racka sheep and kri-kri ibex, Chamois and Wolf.


The Area

The area where the hunting area stretches satisfies the taste of hunting tourists and nature lovers. The lake “Cheben” complements the natural beauty of the region. The plant Dianthus kajmaktzaianicus is South Balkan endemism, present on the top of the mountain Nidze, Kajmaktzalan at the altitude of about 2.500 m. It is a many years lasting mountain plant, which grows snugly to the ground or slightly upright composing numerous branches which on the top end with flowers.

In the hunting area we can regularly or from time to time meet: deer, wild pig, rabbit, rock partridge, different kind of pigeons, Eurasian woodcock and other type of feathery and hair game. When game without protection is in question, we can meet wolf, fox, weasel, marten, marten, skunk, magpie hawk, northern goshawk and others.