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Hunting in Turkey

If you want a wild boar for your trophy room, Turkey is the indicated country, as it is the most common and abundant species of hunting in the country. Here you will find the biggest pigs in the world, weighing up to 250 kg and with tusks that measure more than 25 cm, alongside the beautiful forests of this country, comprising a third of the country, you can find more 80,000 wildlife and 10,000 various kinds of flora, 3,000 of which only exists in Turkey. As a modern and ecological country, Turkey is the homeland for 38 national Parks, 35 natural reserve areas and 17 nature parks.


Wild Boar & Roe Deer.

Wild Boar

Driven Hunts:

We have scheduled driven hunts from September 1 to February 21, with a price from €2.350 per hunter, which includes 3 days of hunting, or €2,650 for 5 days of hunting, includes lodging, meals, transportation, license, among others. Being able in 3 days of hunting to harvest between 55 and 75 wild boars without point limits or 5 days hunting to harvest 100 wild boars among all the hunters, we do 3 to 4 driven per day.


Stalk Hunts:

We offer stalking of large wild boars GUARANTEED all year around. 

5 Hunting Days. 
€1.300 per hunter.
€800 Non-Hunter


Additional price for trophies 

17.0 – 18.9 Cm €350 
19.0 – 21.9 cm €950 
22.0 – 23.9 cm €1,150 
24.0 – 25.9 cm €1,250 
25cm – No Limit €1,850

Roe Deer

From May 1st until October 31

Roe Deer No point limits 1.500€ package includes 3 hunting days, accomodation, transportation, hunting licenses. Can be combined with 1 wild boar no point limit  for 2.990€ with the combination it would include 5 day hunt.


Package includes the following:

- Letter of invitation
- Hunting License
- Transportation to the nearest airport (to and from)
- Accommodation during the booked nights
- All meals and drinks included
- Professional guide hunter
- Transport to hunting sites

Package does not include:

- Air travel
- Cost of the visa
- Medical insurance 
- Hotel before or after your package
- Personal expenses
- Preparation of tusks: 30€ per wild boar


Additional information

In Turkey we also have several trophies that are famous in the area such as the bezoar Ibex, hibrid bezoar Ibex, Anatolian Chamois, Anatolian red Deer, Konya Sheep, Anatolian Gazelle if you are interested in these trophies ask for prices without commitments.

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